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Rachel Notley seeks NDP leadership

CALGARY — Saying she has the experience and skill to tap into Albertan’s desire for a modern-day, progressive government, Rachel Notley entered the NDP leadership race today.

“Alberta is changing. It is modern, diverse and forward-thinking. We are on the verge of taking our place in the world and capitalizing on our potential,” said Notley. “But as Alberta and its people change, our politics lag behind.”

“I am ready to lead that change.”

Notley said Albertans voted for political change in 2012, choosing Conservatives in the hope a new leader would keep promises to improve public services and social policy.

“We can’t let the Conservatives get away with that charade again,” said Notley. “We are ready to reach out to Albertans who are tired of Conservative broken promises, and scared of Wildrose extremism.”

“A new Conservative leader isn’t change. A Wildrose government with the same tired ideas we’ve heard for the last 40 years, isn’t change.”

“Change is a government that guarantees fairness for all Albertans as a guiding principle.”

Notley said she chose Calgary for her campaign launch intentionally.

“Calgary is Alberta’s biggest city and it demands our attention. As leader, building support in Calgary will be one of my biggest priorities,” said Notley.

“Albertans are ready for a modern-day, progressive government. I will devote all my energy to making it happen.”


Why Rachel?

Rachel Notley has the leadership skills, experience, and record of success to build a progressive movement that can compete with Conservatives and Wildrose for power. She is a leader Albertans trust.

Alberta’s modern, progressive voters are ready for a strong leader like Rachel Notley. She can take on the Conservatives and Wildrose—and win. She is the straight-talking, caring, effective leader Alberta needs to protect our values, support our growing cities, and provide families the services they need.

Conservatives and Wildrose policies have led to the closing of many schools and the overcrowding of others. Rachel Notley has been a strong voice for a better education, and against cuts to post secondary institutions that threaten our future prosperity.

As Premier, Rachel Notley will build our cities, support families and use our expertise and ideas to develop a diverse, dynamic province. Rachel Notley understands that vibrant communities need better heath care along with stronger supports for aging Albertans than the Conservatives have been able to deliver.

Rachel Notley knows forward looking Albertans cannot afford to ignore the threats posed by climate change. She is committed to developing a renewable energy policy that will lead Canada. She knows an independent, transparent and science led system of environmental oversight can restore our reputation, making our industry more sustainable while protecting our air, land and water.

A modern province needs a modern voice. Not more of the same. Alberta needs Rachel Notley.